2022 Arizona Breaking Open

May 7-8th, 2022

The Studance Lab
1050 N Fairway Dr., G101 Avondale, AZ 85323


Register to compete at the AZ Breaking Open

1. Are you registered with Breaking For Gold USA? To compete in sanctioned events you must be registered, no exceptions!

2. Once you are a member of Breaking For Gold USA, you can register for the AZ Breaking Open. Don't forget to come back and purchase your athlete pass, on step 3.

3. Once you are registered for the AZ Breaking Open, you can purchase your 2 day athlete pass here:

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The Voices On The Mics

Ivan The Urban..

The Studance Lab

Ivan The Urban Action Figure

Bboy House

Worth The Weight
Furious Styles Crew

Bboy House is a staple in the AZ Hip Hop Community. His a life long bboy of the world recognized Furious Styles Crew. He brings with him, his vast knowledge and understanding of breaking, and working with the Youth.


The Judges..


Toprock King


Erik Thoro

Soul Shifters

Bboy Erik



Bboy Wicket

Bboy Odin

Furious Styles Crew


The Beast

For The Love Krew

Andres The Beast


Providing the music..


Furious Styles Crew

DJ Elementz



Bboy Wicket

DJ CreOne

For The Love Krew

DJ CreOne

Things You Must Know

Here is what ou need to know for the 2022 Breaking For Gold USA Tour.

USA Dance Membership

You must be a registered member of USA Dance, whether you are a host, DJ, judge or any official hired by promoters in any BFGUSA sanctioned events:
Athlete: $70
Teen Athlete: $25
Youth Athlete: $20
Non-Adjudicator Official: $35
Advocate/Supporter: $40
Adjudicator Official: $80 Register here:

B4G USA Rule Book

The Breaking for Gold USA Rulebook has been published. For those who intend to participate as athletes, officials, event organizers, take a moment and read through the regulations guiding our American breaking athletes to the Paris Olympic stage.


Youth Battles
Teen Battles
Adult Bgirl Battles
Adult Bboy Battles

Qualified Judges

Every judge must be certified under the USA Dance Three Fold License.

Dancer Rankings

Ranking points will accrue leading up to the conclusion of the Breaking For Gold USA National Championship.
Regional Championship:
Top 16 - 15 points
Top 8 - 20 points
Semi-Finalist - 25 points
Runner-Up - 30 points
Winner - 35 points


Age Classifications:

Youth: 5-12 years old
Teen: 13-17 years old
Adult: 18+ years old
* youth and teen battles will be combined in terms of gender. Breaking athletes can compete in their determined age category or up to one age classification higher