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Discover the artistry and athleticism of Breakdancing with our breaking classes.

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Elevate your skills, master power moves, spins, and freezes with expert guidance. Join us for a dynamic experience that fuses creativity and strength in the world of breakdance.

Breaking Classes

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Minis HH Breaking (Ages 4-5) - Thurs. 4pm with Vida

Dive into the world of hip-hop and breaking with Vida, where our youngest dancers learn the groove and foundation of breakdancing. This class focuses on fun, energetic movements tailored for tiny feet, helping build rhythm and coordination in a playful and supportive environment.

Younstar Breaking (Ages 5-7) - Fri. 5pm with Vida

Young breakers unite! Vida’s class for 5 to 7-year-olds is all about channeling that boundless energy into the art of breaking. With a focus on fundamental moves and musicality, your child will gain the skills and confidence to dance boldly and expressively.

Teen Breaking (Ages 13+) - Thurs. 8pm with Vida

Vida’s Teen Breaking class is the ultimate session for teens to unleash their potential. With a mix of classic and contemporary breaking techniques, this class challenges dancers to build strength, character, and style.

Money Moves 1/2 (Ages 8+) - Thurs. 7pm

It's all about the flair and finesse in Money Moves 1/2. This class caters to young dancers eager to learn the art of performance and stage presence. With a focus on choreography and expression, dancers will learn to make every movement count.

Money Moves 3/4 - Thurs. 8pm

For the serious dancer, Money Moves 3/4 is about precision, power, and passion. This advanced class challenges students to perfect their performance technique and develop captivating routines that showcase their talent and hard work.

Minis HH Breaking (Ages 4-5) - Sat. 9am with Paschana

Saturday mornings are for energy and excitement with Paschana! Our Minis HH Breaking class introduces basic b-boy/b-girl moves, encouraging creativity and confidence on the dance floor, all in a session filled with music and smiles.

Breaking 1 (Ages 8-13) - Fri. 7pm with Vida

For the aspiring breaker, this class with Vida takes you through the dynamic world of breaking. Covering essential techniques and styles, students aged 8 to 13 will learn to rock the dance floor with authentic moves and a true b-boy/b-girl attitude.

Breaking 2 - Fri. 7pm with Bonita

Elevate your breakdancing with Bonita's Breaking 2 class. Tailored for dancers ready to level up, this session focuses on advanced footwork, power moves, and creating a personal style that stands out in any circle.

Breaking 3 - Thurs. 7pm with Bonita

Master the craft of breaking in Bonita's high-level class. Breaking 3 is designed for dedicated dancers looking to refine their technique, rhythm, and battle skills. Get ready to push your limits and become a force on the dance floor.

Class Instructors

Meet our dynamic team of breakdance and hip hop instructors, a group of passionate and skilled professionals dedicated to imparting the essence of these electrifying dance forms. With a wealth of experience in both breaking and hip hop, our instructors bring a unique blend of creativity and technical expertise to every class.

Gabriel Saldana

Breaking Instructor

Bonita Saldana

Owner & Breaking Instructor

Vida Toting

Ika Sagayo

Hip Hop & Breaking Instructor

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