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Mark your calendars on May 18th and save the date for a golden opportunity to join our prestigious dance company! We invite passionate dancers of all levels to showcase their talent at our upcoming auditions. Stay tuned for more details on the audition process, requirements, and exciting opportunities that await. Secure your spot in the limelight by preregistering today and be the first to receive exclusive updates. Don't miss your chance to dance with us and embark on a journey of artistic excellence. It's time to shine – your stage awaits!

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Studance Lab Company Auditions Preparations

Company Audition Preperation

Masterful Choreography and Innovative Techniques: Elevating Dance to New Heights

Pre-learn choreography for auditions at our upcoming events on April 20 and May 11, 2024, where dancers will learn materials ahead of time with help from a Studance lab teacher

Refine your dance technique in our exclusive 5-week series happening between April 19 and May 17, 2024, where expert instructors will guide you through training targeted to help dancers achieve skills required for the 2024-2025 year.

Find these lists here

Join us for a parent informational meeting on April 17, 2024, at 7pm, where we'll discuss upcoming events, class schedules, and exciting opportunities for your child's dance journey.

Choreography Prep Classes: 4/20/24 and 5/11/24

$20 Drop- in fee

Ages 5-9: 3:00 pm – 4:00 pm

Ages 10-14: 4:00 pm – 5:00 pm

Ages 14-18: 5:00 pm – 6:00 pm

Technique Prep Series: 4/19/24 -5/17/24

Series enrollment (all 5 weeks):

-$65 for 1 Style

-$80 for 2 Styles

Drop-in rate:

-$15 – 1 Style

-$20 – 2 Styles


Ages 5-9: 7 – 7:30 pm

Ages 10-18: 7:30 – 8 pm


Ages 5-9: 8 – 8:30 pm

Ages 10-18: 8:30 – 9 pm

2024-2025 Competitive Team Skills List:

*2024-2025 Stage Skills List* – Download The Stage Skills PDF

*2024-2025 Street Skills List* – Download The Street Skills PDF

Learn more about our teams through our weekly podcast.
(Ep. 9 | Dance Company 101)



Elevate your skills with our rigorous training with highly qualified staff.


Become part of a supportive family where every dancer matters.

Showcase Talent:

Perform in exciting showcases and top competitions.

Professional Growth:

Benefit from mentorship to help navigate your dance career confidently.

Frequently Asked Questions for Company Teams at The Studance Lab

We offer teams with experiences tailored for dancers ages 5-18 from newbie to seasoned competitive dancer!

May 18th 2024, we will have in person auditions that require registration to join, this registration opens April 18th!

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A company team at The Studance Lab is a unique opportunity where dancers perform or compete outside of our bi-annual recitals.

We offer two types of company teams, embracing both stage and street dance styles; performance teams and competitive teams.

The intent of a performance team is to have fun and develop as a strong dancer and performer, while building a close nit community of dance friends! This team operates as a training team and will learn choreography to perform at community events. The style of dance will alternate from semester 1 to semester 2. i.e- If semester 1 is a Jazz style routine, then semester 2 will be a Hip Hop style routine. You can participate in the full year or pick one season. Must be enrolled in 2 training classes corresponding to the performance dance style of that semester.

The intent for competitive teams is to train and become pre-professional dancers and performers. Dancer’s must audition, and be selected, into these teams. This team will operate as a competitive team and will learn choreography to compete at local and out of state competitions. This team will not perform in community events. This team gives you access to career planning and development. Must have G.R.I.T, confidence on stage and in group setting, self-motivated and well spoken. *Required class training schedule. Required competition and conventions that require additional costs.

Performance teams are available to dancers between the ages 5-18.

Competitive teams are available to dancers between the ages of 7-18 .

18 year olds must still be in high school.

Auditions are required for our dancers who want to be a part of a competitive team. You do not need to audition to be a part of our performance team.

Outside of your regular class tuition, a one-time fee is applied and includes everything your dancer will need for the semester/season. Below is an example of the cost breakdown, subject to change.

  • Performance teams Semester 1: Approx. $600; Includes Dance Camp, performance costume, team jacket, 5 performance opportunities.
  • Performance teams Semester 2: Approx. $1600; Includes Disneyland performance, performance costume, team jacket and 3 additional performance opportunities.
  • Competitive Teams Annual Fee: Approx. $4500; Includes group competition entry fees, Convention fees, dance camp, costume(s), team gear.

There is a weekly training schedule required for each team. See below for an example schedule.

  • Performance Teams: 2 training classes (correlating to the style of performance that semester) plus team class. Total 3 hours a week.

Competitive teams: 6 training classes per style plus team class. Total 7 hours per team. In addition to the weekly training:

  • Performance Teams, Semester 1: The exact schedule will be provided upon commitment to the team. Plan to 6 weekends booked between July-December for performances and dance camp.

  • Performance Teams, Semester 2: The exact schedule will be provided upon commitment to the team. Plan to 4 weekends booked between July-December for performances and dance camp.

  • Competitive Teams: The exact schedule will be provided upon commitment to the team. Plan to be flexible with weekend availability as competition schedules are provided with short notice.

After registering for auditions (to be a part of a competitive team), you’ll receive a video with the material to learn in advance to help you prepare for the audition. The videos will be tailored to the dancer’s age. The pre learned choreography will be performed in front of a panel of judges, on a stage.

  • You want to dress to impress, but something you can DANCE in!
  • All dances will be fusion style.
  • For our Stage call backs, we recommend form fitting clothing, jazz shoes or bare feet, with your hair up and out of your face- you will be on stage so make up is highly recommended.
  • For Street call backs, we recommend baggy clothing, wearing sneakers, with your hair up and out of your face- you will be on stage so make-up is highly recommended.

Placements will be announced the week of June 10-15th via email.

In addition to the videos you will receive, we offer choreography and technique prep clinics leading up to auditions, helping them feel ready and confident.

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