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Quinceañera Dance Choreography

The Studance Lab customizes professional quality dance routines that are unique, entertaining, creative and fun. Our choreographers are experienced in all dance styles!

The steps are easy to learn and, depending on the students' dance experience, they are taught beginning, intermediate and/or advanced choreography

Helping You Plan

Before we begin, we meet with parents and the honoree to choose music, dance style(s), and to schedule practices. We help make it easy.


Let's find the right dance for your special day

Partner Dance

$ 500 / Per routine
  • 2 - 1hr Rehearsals
  • Personalized Choreo
  • 3min Music Mix
  • Facility Rental

Waltz Dance

$ 650 / Per Routine
  • 2 - 1.5hr Rehearsals
  • Personalized Choreo
  • 3min Music Mix
  • Facility Rental

Surprise Dance

$ 750 / Per Routine
  • 2 - 2hr Rehearsals
  • Personalize Choreo
  • 3min Music Mix
  • Facility Rental

The Fine Print..

Depending on the location of rehearsals and banquet hall, a travel fee may be add to your Quinceanera choreography package.

We require a $200 non-refundable retainer when booking a Quinceanera or Sweet 16 package. This will allow us to reserve your date. This retainer goes toward your full payment and is NOT an additional fee. If any of these packages don’t meet your needs, let us know. We would be more than happy to customize one for you.

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Quinceañera dances are a huge part of the quince celebration. Dancing at your quinceañera is a tradition that literally represents your transition into adulthood. Traditionally, girls were not allowed to dance with a young man until they reached the age of 15. Nowadays with school dances and times changing, we see that this is not true for most girls. However, it is still a large part of the quinceañera tradition because of what it symbolizes.

Remember the purpose of your dance: being presented as a young woman to your friends, family, and all of society. When you plan out your dances, you need to keep this purpose in mind. Your quinceañera dances should represent all the most important aspects of your life; your beliefs, your values, and your relationships. So, the people you choose to be your chambelanes and damas help you represent those relationships and values as well.


Which Dance Should I Choose?

Partner Dance –

Waltz Dance –

Surprise Dance –

How Far In Advance Should I Get Started?

About 2 months before your scheduled quince is plenty of time. We recommended hosting your own practices to rehearse what the choreographer taught you so you are comfortable and confident.

Do I Pick The Music?

The choreographer will assist with music mix timing by sharing her professional opinion. However, the final decision on music is yours. Keep in mind, we will not choreograph to inappropriate or vulgar music.

What If I do not like the mix?


What should I bring to rehearsal?


What if the dance is too hard?

It is important

Can I schedule extra rehearsals?

We offer

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