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We take pride in our teachers and staff, because at The Studance Lab we place a high value on who we allow to impact our dancers. Each of our instructors must be a skilled dancer. They are a dancer that has devoted countless hours and years to their craft. They know the ins and outs of what they do. Secondly, they must know how to teach. There are many fantastic dancers that, unfortunately, cannot relay their expertise in a manner that allows students to learn from. We expect to see growth in our dancers, and therefore choose teachers that can work and cultivate our dancers. Lastly, and most importantly to us, each of our staff and teachers must be people of character and integrity. How someone carries themselves shows a lot about who they are. We expect nothing less from our allstar faculty!

Bonita Saldana

Owner and Programs Director

Combining her unique flavor, dynamic performance, and distinguished Peas resume, Bonita Saldaña’s influence is recognized from the streets to the stage. Hailing from Phoenix, Arizona, her professional career originated as a member of the Phoenix Mercury Hip- Hop Squad and the Phoenix Suns Dance Team. Also known as, “Bgirl Bonita”, she has performed with artists such as: Jason Derulo, P. Diddy, Black Eyed Peas, Sean Kingston, Fergie, and Jamiroquai. She is also a member of three of the most legendary, world- famous and credible names in Hip-Hop dance: The Rock Steady Crew, The Groovaloos and The Beat Freaks. Bonita has also been featured on Disney’s Shake It Up, Nickolodeon’s Fresh Beat Band, American Idol, Dancing with the Stars and MTV’s Made. Additionally, she has performed in corporate events for NIKE, ADIDAS, Sketchers, Dillard’s, Toshiba, Red Bull, AT&T and many more.

Bonita has been an instrumental teacher for the Universal Dance Association for 15 years, helping establish their summer hip-hop choreography and adjudicating their national events. She adjudicates for Worlds, NDA National Events, Amp Dance Competition, and Hip-Hop International. She has worked with ICU and USASF helping establish their Hip-Hop curriculum for coaches and program development worldwide. Her distinctive dance choreography can be seen on collegiate, high school, and studio teams across the USA. Her knowledge and credibility in Hip-Hop have taken her to places such Indonesia, Japan, Singapore, Taiwan, London, Montreal, Colombia, El Salvador, Mexico, Australia, Reunion Island, and Barcelona.

Bonita is currently living in Phoenix, Arizona with her business partner and husband, Gabriel, raising their two dancing daughters, Amoriah and Valentina all while rigorously leading her business and living out her calling. Bonita is a successful female entrepreneur as the owner of a local dance studio in Phoenix, Arizona, The Studance Lab. With her expertise in curriculum development, teacher training, and overall culture implementation, The Studance Lab is one of the newest and fastest growing dance schools in the Valley. As an online feature for Gusto Headquarters and Step X Step Dance, Bonita’s accomplishments and ingenuity has also led her to guest speaking opportunities at national and local events including Adelante Mami and Varsity University.

Monica De La Rosa

Studio Manager & Enrollment Coordinator

Monica De La Rosa is the newest member to our Studance Lab staff, but not new to the dance community. After taking a break of 5 years running her own studio, she is back to fulfill her passion of seeing the youth grow and flourish in dance and in life. She keeps herself busy as a wife to popping instructor, Tony De La Rosa, and as a mom of 3 under 3. As a family, they believe that God has called them to minister to the youth through dance but also as Student Coaches for their church, Catalyst Church. When not changing diapers or making bottles, you can most likely find Monica at Starbucks-Hot White Mocha, in case you were wondering. Before returning to the Lab, Monica was the Volunteer Coordinator and Life Enrichment Specialist for Beatitudes Campus, a life plan community in central Phoenix. Monica is excited to be a part of the Studance Lab family (literally and figuratively- as the sister of Gabriel Saldana), to see the students grow, and to build lasting friendships!

RanDee Madison

Teams Director

RanDee Powell is a dancer, self-taught painter, and content creator working and residing in Phoenix, Arizona. She interweaves her creativity with technical understanding, spirituality, and positivity. In 2016 she shifted her focus solely to developing and refining her artistic voice by redirecting her collegiate studies from psychology to art. She studied dance at Scottsdale Community College (2016-2017) then furthered her education at the BFA program at Sam Houston State University (2017-2019).

RanDee has a passion for designing and creating movement rooted in worship. Combining kinesiology, sound movement, classical modern and ballet techniques, and urban music, RanDee launches performance art onto a more spiritually immersive platform, both online and in person. As a teacher, she places emphasis on overcoming performance anxieties and subconscious limitations. By creating a space free from creative and physical judgement, and enlightening creatives spiritually and emotionally, she feels movers can impact the culture of dance, as well as the overall well-being of performers and consumers.

As a canvas artist- Randee began painting as a hobby. The intention was to indulge in the therapeutic nature of a secondary art form, to breed community, and emotional/artistic outlets outside of movement. She worked primarily with watercolor, but more recently has transitioned into work with acrylics. In 2018 RanDee sold her first commissioned piece, sparking her dream of a career in art and movement. RanDee is inspired to create a community of far reaching impact. Not only does she want to live a life full of vibrant
colors and creative and spiritual freedom- but she wants to inspire other people that they can do the same for their dreams.

Natalie Ramirez

Ballet Instructor

Debra Nani

Ballet Instructor

Debra Nanni studied all styles of dance growing up in Buffalo NY. In 1983, Gus Giordano gave her a scholarship to study at his school in Chicago which started her professional career. She then became a soloist with The Chicago Dance Medium, a contemporary modern ballet company and performed independently with many affluent dance companies until 2004. In 1998 she started to develop her love for teaching and has been mastering it since. Debra was the Studio owner of Progressive Movement Academy and taught in private studios throughout Chicago through 2019. Many of her students received college scholarships, dance with professional companies and perform with recording artists around the world. Nationally, Debra is known for her creative teaching of diverse styles in workshops and master classes. On the convention circuit, she passionately inspires dancers to love ballet and modern. She’s honored to be in her 12th year teaching in Austria and surrounding countries. Debra’s choreography has been given top awards and accolades on the recreational, competitive and professional stages. She created two international works on professional Vaganova ballet company, F.V.G Neu Space in Udine, Italy. Debra is in her 25th year adjudicating for various national dance and talent competitions and recently for the new Dance Moms season. Debra was honored to be the only American Judge to participate in A.S.D.U European National 2018 Dance Championships in Spittal Austria to sit alongside judges from Austria, Italy, Germany and the Czech Republic. She now is a new resident in the Phoenix area, relocating in April of 2019 to be closer to her amazing 93-year-old Mom.

Helena Parks

Hip Hop Instructor

Helena Parks is a 27 year old professional Hip Hop dance instructor that was born in Armenia & raised in Russia. She began teaching 10 years ago at the “Ener Dance Studio” of Moscow. Since then, she has traveled the world sharing her love for dance with many cultures to both children and adults. She is now engaged to be married making Arizona her home! She looks forward to growing as a teacher with The Studance Lab!

Ty Brown

Jazz Instructor | Performance Team Director

Vida Toting

Hip Hop Instructor

Savanna martinez

Show Cheer Instructor

Joseph Saldana


Photo & bio coming soon

Gabriel Saldana

Breaking Instructor | Blessed Fresh

Gabriel Saldaña began bboying in 2008 and is a member of Arizona’s very own, For the Love Krew. As a top contender in Arizona, he has inspired the dance community with his dynamic air moves and unique transitions, bringing the dance to a whole new level! Off the dance floor, he is completing his degree in Christian and Biblical studies at Grand Canyon State University. He is the “behind the scenes man” at The Studance LAB.

Paschana Minter

Ballet/Jazz Instructor

My origins in dance began in 1997. Since then my journey has allowed me to share different styles of bboying in communities. I am passionate about helping people in fundamentals and creativity to fit for every unique human being according to his or her personality.

Teresa Solano

Administrative Assistant

Angela Perez

Mini's Instructor

Megan Neese


For many years, Megan has specialized in providing personalized instruction and meticulously planned lessons, introducing students to both foundational and advanced dance techniques. Concurrently, she guests teaches at local studios in Phoenix where she has been enhancing the dancer’s skills through focused training on strength, flexibility, and strategic dance execution.

Megan began her teaching career in Peoria in August 2019, where she taught contemporary, hip hop, jazz, and choreography across all skill levels and choreograph competitive pieces for a variety of group sizes. Her teaching experience also involves a role as a student teacher at Mountain Ridge High School in Glendale, where from August to December 2022, she developed dance pieces for multiple classes and passed all evaluations with distinction.

Before her teaching roles, she was a Dance Department Assistant at Grand Canyon University from August 2021 to May 2022, managing communications and organizing major studio events. Megan graduated from Grand Canyon University in December 2022 with a B.A. in Dance Education, achieving summa cum laude honors and a 3.89 GPA. Her choreographic works have been recognized at the ACDA Western Conference, where she also performed in the gala twice.

As a professional performer her background includes roles in various stage productions and music videos, showcasing her versatility in numerous dance styles. She has received extensive training in ballet, jazz, hip hop, modern, contemporary, and ballroom dancing. She is so excited to join the Studance Lab faculty this year!

Julio Saran


Photo & bio coming soon

Jessica Espinoza


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