Most Dance Teachers Leave Their Passion Behind

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It is sad but true. You have spent your whole life, or at least since age 3, building your identity as a dancer. You have poured every ounce of energy into your craft and your parents poured every penny into your countless hours of training. As a young professional you have built a solid performance, commercial, and company work resume and the opportunity arises to step into a teaching role! This is awesome! All dancers teach, right? Well, yes, A LOT of dancer’s transition into teaching positions but unfortunately, they decide after a few short years that they cannot really make a living off being a dance teacher. Why is this? Why do they leave their passion behind to pursue a career in a field that they think will give them the financial stability they need? I will tell you why. Because they have not taken the steps to truly excel as a dance teacher. Everybody’s dream is to make money doing what they love to do. Dance is your passion and teaching is your gift! This is the dream job for you! So, let’s get you on a path to becoming the GO TO dance teacher that studio owners cannot live without. Dance Teacher Accelerator will teach you the formula to success taking your dance teaching career to a whole new level!