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Spring Season Begins Jan 30th

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League Seasons:

Each season consists of 3 competition days (Saturdays/Sundays) & 1 championship day, for the highest ranking bboys/bgirls throughout the season.

*Week 1-3: Mini Breakers & Fresh Steps battles on Saturday 2-6pm. Battle Rockers and Future Olympian Battles on Sunday 1-5pm.

Spring Season: Feb 5th-Mar 19th, 2022
Media Day - Jan 30th, 2022
Week 1 - Feb 5-6th, 2022
Week 2 - Feb 19-20th, 2022
Week 3 - Mar 5-6th, 2022
Championship - Mar 19th, 2022

Fall Season 2022: TBD

Membership Levels

Our Breaking Program is designed to give young bboys and bgirls the opportunity to master their craft. We are providing a 3 point dance opportunity (Breaking Class, Open Session, & Competitions). This allows our bboys/bgirls to learn from our uniquely designed breaking curriculum, practice what they learn during open session with their peers and to, finally, polish their skills on the battle floor come competition day.

Class Only

$ 70 / Per month
  • 1 Weekly Breaking Class
  • Open Practice Access

Class & League

Breaking Class + League Participation
$ 80 / Per month
  • 1 Weekly Breaking Class
  • Breaking League Participation
  • YBL Battle Shirt
  • Open Practice Access

League Only

$ 75 / Per Season
  • Breaking League Participation
  • YBL Battle Shirt

*Online payment currently unavailable.

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Kids Need Their Own League

Youth need a safe place to cultivate their skills without being overshadowed by adults at a typical breaking battle. YBL was created to enhance that need and allow young bboys/bgirls more time to workout their skills in order to attend battles with confidence. The Youth Breaking League is designed for the next generation to develop their skills faster and show them off more frequently.

4 Weeks of Breaking

Each season will consist of 4 weekends set aside for breaking! There are 3 competition weekends for each division, and 1 championship day. In order to be great, we must provide consistency so dancers can perform their skills week after week.

Round-Robin battles

Since the league season spans over multiple weekends, each dancer will be able to face every opponent multiple times over the course of the season. Each dancer will get to battle 12-16 times over the course of the season.

Informative scoring System

The dancers will be judged on a scoring system that will hold them accountable to all of the things that matter in a breaking battle: style, musicality, technique, execution, and overall approach.

Qualified Judges

Every judge must be certified in the Youth Breaking League scoring system. They will be trained in how to appropriately critique and provide feedback for the competitors.

Dancer Ranking

A record of wins and losses will always be made available online. Each dancer will be ranked according to their battle record.


Appropriate Age divisions

Dancers will battle in their respective age level. Dancers that win their division have the opportunity to advance up, during the following season.


What Are The Membership Tiers

We have three membership tiers to meet every dancer’s need.

Class Only

This membership is for dancers that are not ready to compete, but want to take a class to keep learning first.

Class & League.

This membership is our most popular. This is for bboys/bgirls that want to take class, come to open session, and battle. It’s the full circle experience.

League Only

This membership is for dancers who are not looking to take class, but want to participate in the league seasons.

How Do The Battles Work?

The battles are 1 vs 1. Dancers will battle two times per competition day. Each battle will be 2-3rounds. A record of wins and losses will be recorded throughout the season.

How Is The League Judged?

Judges are handpicked and must meet a certain criteria to be a judge. The criteria includes experience, impartiality, and a robust breaking comprehension. All judges undergo an annual judges training. The training includes the judging format and the competition format. Judges must be able to give reasonable and usable feedback to dancers so they know where and how they can continue to progress.

How Long Are Battles?

Individual battles typically range around 2-3 minutes. The dancers will battle multiple times throughout the day, in a round robin format. The length of the event each Saturday will range from 2-3hrs.

Does It Cost To Watch?

All events will be live broadcast at It does not cost to watch the Live Stream. The battles are currently not open for in person viewing. Due to Covid-19, only competitors and coaches are allowed in. 

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