After Graduation

What’s After Graduation? 

Let’s talk about Graduation, for some of us it is already and for others, it’s quickly approaching! 

Graduation from high school can be a confusing time for any dancer, especially when it comes to figuring out what’s next. College dance programs are an obvious option for many dancers, but there is so much more available too! Many dancers decide to go straight into the professional world of dance and join a company. This is a great option for those looking to turn their passion into a career, but there are a few important things to keep in mind.  

For many high school dancers, graduation feels like it marks the end of their formal dance training but trust us when we say it is not! For those who are passionate about continuing to pursue and develop their skills in dance, there are plenty of opportunities available after graduating from high school. Whether you choose to attend college for a degree in dance or take classes at a local studio, there is something out there that can help you reach your goals and continue to grow as a dancer. In this, we will explore some of the different paths that graduates can take when deciding what’s next for them and their dance career after graduating high school. 

Researching companies and making sure that they have the right environment and resources for you is key. 


College Dancing and Dance Teams: 


Dance is one of the most popular extracurricular activities in high school, and a lot of students continue their love for movement by joining college-level Dance Teams. Dance studies at the college level often include rigorous performance and choreography, with Dance Teams competing against each other at the regional level. Joining a Dance Team in college provides an amazing opportunity to further development in technique and creativity. Not only do Dance Teams provide an exciting experience outside of academics, but they also offer chances to network and make meaningful connections with professionals in the field. A Dance Team can be a great way to stay connected to dance beyond high school! 

ASU Spirit Squad (@ASUSpiritSquad) / Twitter


Audition for Dance Companies: 

Going to college to pursue a degree is an important goal for many of us. But there are also those of us who want to pursue our love for dance by auditioning for companies outside of college. Although this can be an exciting endeavor, it’s important to remember that the pursuit of one doesn’t have to diminish the other. Allocating time for studying between dance rehearsals and performances is essential to balance both passions. Even during days when you might be tempted to forget about studying, try and remember why you are doing this and what rewards come from being successful at both dancing and studying. With a good plan, careful execution, and plenty of motivation, it is possible to achieve success in school while maintaining a rigorous performance schedule. You can also still go to school for something else and dance in a company to still be able to do what you love 

Convergence Ballet 


Audition for Industry Dance and Commercials, Music Videos, Gig work, Back up dancer: 

Doing a dance audition can be both thrilling and nerve-wracking, but it’s worth it when the opportunity is right! If you’re looking for a chance to show off your dance moves for industry events such as music videos, commercials, and gig work, an audition appears to be the way to go. Many of these events also offer backup dancer positions which are an awesome way to get experience as well as exposure to some of the most talented dancers in the world. When properly prepared, taking on an audition is a fantastic opportunity that could potentially lead to great things – so don’t hesitate – get out there and show them what you got! 

Cruise Ships Performer: 

Being a cruise ship performer is an amazing way to travel the world and explore different cultures while doing what you love. Every day gives you a new backdrop for your performance – from the breathtaking views of glaciers in Alaska to the crystal-clear water of Haiti’s white-sand beaches. However, it isn’t just about being able to see beautiful places around the world – it’s also about creating memories and experiences that last a lifetime. As a performer, you can share your talents with new people every single day and make a difference by bringing joy and laughter into their lives. There is no other job quite like this one where you can dance your way into people’s hearts while broadening your horizons. So, if dancing is your passion, why not follow the rhythm of adventure and become a cruise ship performer today? 

Broadway Auditions, Local Theater Programs: 

Going out for a Broadway audition is every aspiring actor’s dream. But if you don’t live in New York City or Los Angeles, that dream may seem so far away. That doesn’t have to be the case, though! Many towns have local theater programs with excellent auditions and competitive productions that are a great place to start building up your musical theater experience and credentials. Local auditions will allow performers to demonstrate their talents either through singing, dancing, or acting in front of an audience and even allow them to potentially get callback auditions from casting directors who work for national companies. These experiences also give people involved in these productions the opportunity to network and practice performing skills! So even if it may seem like a Broadway audition is unattainable right now, there are plenty of resources available at your fingertips! 

Studio Teacher: 

Studio teaching opens up a world of creative possibilities for both teachers and students alike. Instructors are given the space and freedom to tailor lessons to their individual students, allowing them to progress at their own rate and from their own point of view. Understanding that everyone learns in different ways, studio teaching encourages learners to use their experience and passions as fuel for their education. It can promote individuality and bring out students’ unique ideas and gifts. Even more, it can provide an opportunity for collaboration around a particular project or concept. Studio teaching provides a space for communities of knowledge, in which everyone works together to reach the same goal. 

Though it may feel like college is the end-all-be-all of your dancing journey, it doesn’t have to be. There are many ways to stay involved in dance even after you graduate and leave the collegiate level behind. From continuing to take classes at a local studio to joining an adult recreational league or DanceSport team, there are plenty of options for post-college dancers. If you’re looking for ways to stay involved in the world of dance after college, consider some of these options. With a little effort, you can find a way to keep dancing throughout your life! 

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