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What Can I Do as a Dance Parent Before/During/After Audition? 

As individual dancers/people, we handle stressful, humbling, and vulnerable situations differently. So go into this audition asking your dancer, if they need anything to feel prepared and comfortable. Depending on your dancer’s needs, it may be beneficial to take a second before the audition, to remind your dancer to breathe through the nerves, and the worried feelings they may be feeling and just go in there and do their best. Remind your dancer you are proud of them just for deciding to step out of their comfort zone to audition for something they want and to not put too much pressure on themselves while auditioning. Remind them that no matter what team they get placed on, you are proud of them no matter what.  

For those more independent dancers, it may be more beneficial for you to ask them if they need/want anything and be prepared to let them go through their feelings and thoughts on their own but still reassure your dancer, that you’re close by if they should need anything before/during or after the audition. 

We realize that the audition process can be a stressful time for you as a dance parent. After all, you are very invested in the preparation and outcome, but it is important to remain focused on your dancer to provide encouragement and positive affirmations and to trust the teachers and the placement and unspoken goals they may have for their dance company(s). This is the time for reassurance and positive thinking. Reassure your child that you are proud of them no matter what the outcome is.  


*Reminder in each class that your dancer takes leading up to the audition is an audition in itself. All company groups are carefully selected by the judge’s panel based on numerous reasonings; age, skill level, technique level, previous commitment level, and other factors such as; class attendance, and studio-to-dancer goals. 


When Do I Find Out if My Dancer Has Made a Team?  


Here at The Studance Lab, we do not give immediate feedback to dancers and team placements are usually sent out a few days after the audition. This is typically done to give a realistic expectation to dancers and families as it would take a few days to make final decisions and establish balanced teams. However, almost all dancers who try out for the competition team, make a team. Reassure your dancer of the purpose and benefits of taking part in the audition.  

During the waiting period, trying to keep yourself and the dancer busy and active the rest of the weekend or days following an audition can be helpful. Plan a day trip or a sleepover with your child. Avoid staying at home watching and waiting for the big email.  


How are Team Placements Determined? 


The Company Director will typically notify dancers with a congratulatory email that announces which team they are on and who their teammates are. Attached to this email is a welcome packet that formally outlines requirements and expectations including important information, dates, and possibly other opportunities such as understudy roles, specialty routines, and more than one company.  

We believe that team placement involves quite a bit of negotiating and planning. Decisions are usually based on how many dancers, skill levels, as well as commitment levels shown in the past years or weeks leading up to the new audition year. At The Studance Lab, we try to keep teams aligned with age, level, and at times the dancers’ height and performance value. If a group ends up too big or too small then it may be necessary to make two teams of the same age and grade or put two teams together.  

Part of The Studance Lab’s ideology is to provide some real-life expectations and reality during your dancer’s progress and training within reason. Learning how to deal with setbacks and disappointment is a part of life and learning how to handle them is an important life skill. 

If by chance or circumstance your dancer is placed on a lower-skilled team or the same team as before thinking they would move up or whatever their thought process may have been, it may be an opportunity for them to work a bit more on a certain skill, focus on performing more with their selected group or even move into a leadership role in the team. Trusting the studio owner and teachers during this process is very important for the group, your dancer, and the studio itself. Recognizing as a dance parent it is not your job to organize the teams to your vision or make these decisions. More importantly, it is your job to keep your child encouraged, reassured, and trust the studio and the faculty that has placed your dancer in their respected company(s). Every dancer’s progress and improvement are important to all of us here at The Studance Lab just as it is important to you and your dancer. The faculty members at The Studance Lab would never place your dancer somewhere we feel is not going to increase progress or in the same turn decrease progress. We would not misplace your dancer on a company team that we feel is will present “too challenging” for them. We aim to show the best of your dancer and all they can do and all things they can improve on.   


Will There Be a Contract? 


There will be an official contract to sign that your dancer is committed to while participating exclusively with The Studance Lab competition teams. They will follow and abide by all the rules and policies set forth by the studio and the signed contract.  

 To read more about our Studance Lab contracts check out our page about them. (Click Here) 


When Do We Start Rehearsals? 

We try to be as communicative as possible and before the team selections and rehearsals are assigned, we get together to talk about performance opportunities such as competitions, “marketing/fundraising” performance opportunities, and other special opportunities like a music video, or concept video. such as the studio will notify you of important dates for learning the remaining choreography for the competition team typically there are additional rehearsal nights at the studio exclusive to competition team performance numbers. Team photos and headshots are will be scheduled and communicated to the entire company, and team bonding events are encouraged.  


We hope this puts some questions and concerns to rest for you but  

If you should have any other questions or concerns, please feel free to reach out to your dancer Company Director or The Overall Companies Director.  

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