Class Etiquette 101

Everyone wants to be their instructor’s star pupil in the classroom! Of course, as instructors, we instantly notice the hard-working dancer who is constantly pushing him/herself in class. However, proper class etiquette can go a long way as well! Check out these helpful class etiquette tips below. We believe that these etiquette tips will be beneficial in and out of the classroom! 


  • Always arrive on time: 

We understand if there is traffic or last-minute emergencies. If that 

is the case, please enter your classroom quietly without disturbing 

the rest of the class and jump right into the warm-up.  

  • NO Jewelry: 

It’s a distraction and can be a hazard to your fellow dancers. 

  • Be attentive in class 

Especially while you’re waiting for your turn across the floor. You 

never want to appear looking bored or caught yawing in any class, 

that can be perceived as a sign of disrespect. This tip will benefit 

you when you go out into master classes or in the professional 


  • NO cellphones 

There’s really no reason why you should be on your cell phone 

during your class time. If you have your bag in class, your phone 

should be completely silent, not on vibrate. 


  • Pay attention:  

Respect the instructor by paying attention and following directions. Try not to talk while they are demonstrating or providing instructions. If you have any questions, raise your hand or wait until after the class is dismissed. 


  • Be prepared:  

Bring all the necessary items for dancing, like comfortable clothes 

and dance shoes (if applicable). Have your hair tied back so it does 

not get in your face. Make sure to also bring a water bottle. 


  • Always TRY your best and be respectful:  

Effort goes a long way in your dance class. Your instructor will be so proud of you for putting yourself out there and attempting those difficult skills. We want to see you try your best. Always thank your instructor before you end the class and don’t be afraid to cheer on your classmates during a combination!  


  • Clean up:  

After class is over, make sure to put away all supplies that were used Clean up after yourself in order to maintain a pleasant environment for everyone.  


Practicing proper etiquette can help ensure that everyone feels comfortable and safe in the dance studio. By following these guidelines, you can help create a positive learning environment where everyone can enjoy the art of dancing. No matter what level you are, don’t be afraid to make mistakes. Everyone is learning and growing at their own pace. If you forget a step or make a mistake, remember to stay positive and ask questions if needed. Most importantly, have fun! Dance classes should be a place of joy and creativity. Following etiquette guidelines can help create a fun and safe environment. Dance classes are a great way to learn new steps, stay active, and have fun while doing it. However, like all other activities, there are certain etiquette rules that must be followed in order to create a safe and enjoyable environment for everyone involved. 


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