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11 FAQS about The StuDance LAB 

Are you a beginner dancer or just starting out with us and looking for some answers to your burning questions? Look no further! We have compiled the 11 most frequently asked questions about The StuDance LAB and what we offer. Whether it’s what shoes to wear, where to find lessons, or what the cost of a membership is, we have all the answers here so read on and get prepared! 


 1. What type of dance should I start with?

The answer will depend largely on your personal preference. If you’re drawn towards something a little slower and stylized you can seek out contemporary, modern, or ballet classes. Alternatively, if street dance is more up your alley there are many different forms such as hip-hop, breakdance, and popping that can be explored. We at The StuDance LAB offer a variety of different styled classes. 

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2. Do you offer Trial Classes? 

Find Your Fit is a wonderful and needed program that we offer at The Studance LAB. This program was designed for our new students or new dancers to find the right classes for their needs and level. We offer the Find Your Fit program at either a one free trial class of your choice to either $25 -$50 for a full week of trial classes depending on the dancer’s age.  

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3. What is the average cost of a dance studio membership/tuition? 

This all depends on your commitment level to dance. We have you start by picking a Program that best suits you and your lifestyle, commitment, and needs which can range from $75-$400 a month which gets you up to either 1 hour a week or as many as 9 hours a week. After you have found the Program that best fits you and your needs you will pick your Membership experience. Memberships are required for your dancer as it includes needed discounted perks like StuDance Lab Merch discounts, Recital Photo discounts, Open Dance Floor Access, and much more.  

4. Is there a dress code?

The right pair of shoes and outfit can make all the difference for your dance classes and dance experience. It is important to The Studance Lab that our dancers look like dancers. 

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5. What are the benefits of taking dance classes? 

Dance has many benefits, including improved physical fitness and coordination, increased creativity, better balance and posture, stress relief, and improved self-expression. Dance can also help develop social skills like communication and teamwork. Learning how to dance offers numerous physical, mental, and social benefits including improved coordination, increased confidence, better posture, increased physical fitness, and better social interaction. It also allows for a fun way to express yourself! 

6. How often should I take dance classes? 

It is recommended to take dance classes at least two or three times a week in order to keep up with the skill level and technique required for each style of dance. It also helps to stay motivated and progress with your dancing goals!  

7. Do I have to present while my child is in class? 

It is at the parent’s discretion to remain at the studio for our older dancers but we require our parent(s) to remain at the studio for our toddlers, minis, and youngster-aged students (2-7). As an added bonus we do have a live stream of all our classrooms for those parents who want to check in while away.  

8. What should I bring to a dance class? 

In addition to following the dress code, you should bring a water bottle, if needed hand towel for sweat, and appropriate footwear for the type of dance class you are attending. You may also want to bring a snack or energy bar if your class is longer than an hour. Make sure any jewelry items you wear are minimal and secure so they won’t cause distraction during class. Finally, don’t forget a positive attitude! That will help make sure your experience in dance class is both fun and rewarding. 

9. Why you should dance at The Studance LAB and use The Studance LAB Dance app. 

Dancing at the studio allows you to experience the atmosphere of a professional dance environment and become part of a community. Using the studio dance app allows you to access tailored classes, tutorials, and exercises so that no matter what level of dancer you are, you can learn more about your craft in the most convenient manner possible. You also get tips from experienced instructors who can help guide your journey and inspire you to reach new heights as a dancer! 

10. Should we do a Studio Recital? 

Dancers should join recital because it provides a safe and fun environment for them to practice and refine their dance skills, perform in front of an audience, build confidence, challenge themselves to push further with their artistry and express more of who they are. It also provides an opportunity to build friendships with other dancers and create lasting memories performing on stage. 

11. What is the difference between acro and tumbling classes? 

Acro can be a partner-based form of gymnastics that combines dance, strength, and flexibility. It focuses on balance, poses, and body lines while developing their dance ability and trust and communication between partners. Tumbling involves flipping techniques such as somersaults and handsprings used in a trampoline or acrobatic settings. Tumbling typically focuses on power moves with multiple connections of one trick after another or linking tumbling passes together in order to create a sequence for a routine. 

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