Strengthen your weaknesses

How To Strengthen Your Weaknesses As A Dancer 

Naturally, we always love to focus on the things that we do well. The number of turns we can do, how high we kick our legs, our bodily strength, how high our leaps maybe, etc, etc. But, sometimes we like to put away and try to hide some of the things that we could use a little work on. To be honest every dancer has their own set of weaknesses. A lot of negative feelings come with the word “weakness”, but weakness doesn’t mean you’ve failed in one area, while you have succeeded in others. The important thing is learning how to deal with them, which is exactly what we will be going over today with these steps!  


As much as we would LOVE to have the ability to do everything perfectly and with ease, that is sadly not the reality we live in. The number one way to get you on the right track to dealing with and strengthening your weaknesses as a dancer is acceptance. It is simply human nature that we will have a set of skills in our books that need a little extra help and by accepting this fact, you put your mental space in the correct place to go forth and strengthen your weaknesses with positivity and an open mind and heart.  

The Game Plan 

Goals… Goals…. And more Goals! 

The next step to strengthening our weaknesses is, of course, research and hard evidence. When we are going through our own personal improvements, we have  to ask a few questions; “What ways can I improve this area of my dancing?” “What new techniques should I apply to reach this goal?” “What have I not been doing before that I should be doing to eventually better myself in this area?” “What corrections do I keep getting over and over again?”  

This is where our journey begins! Ask your teacher for some pointer tips for further improvement. Sign up for private lessons and practice the class exercises at home. Follow some helpful pages on social media and or YouTube! We live in a world where you can find just about anything online, so why not use that to your advantage? Once you have gathered the information needed, write it down! Write down the corrections given, follow along in class, watch those videos and keep the information close to you as a referral point to come back to as you work to meet your goal. 

Applying the information that we have now acquired and diligently practicing it throughout every class, and every rehearsal always trying to apply those corrections that were given. If we are not actively applying the new technical insight and the more in-depth information on how to strengthen our weaknesses, then the information and everything we have gathered means nothing and we will continue to get the same notes and corrections if no progress has been applied. Simply putting in 10-15 minutes of practice a day, can make a world of a difference and adds up to big results in the end. So, let’s put in that work! 



You are always your hardest critic – and yet, sometimes, you’ll still miss things! So, it’s important to look outside and open yourself up to feedback from your teacher, keep your emotions out of it, and don’t take it personally…. Easier said than done, but make sure you are separating yourself as a dancer vs the person. The dance is getting notes and corrections to help in their progress, the person itself is not! Don’t compare yourself to your friends as we are all different dancers and people.  

All feedback can be helpful. 

Enjoy The Process Of Becoming Stronger: 
Let’s remember to enjoy dancing your progress! Yes, it is easy to get upset over the lack of progress that we may not be feeling or visibly seeing but trust in the process, trust in yourself, and stay encouraged and celebrate every small little bit of progress that you see and feel! My back is straight, my leg is straight I pointed hardier, etc.  By the end of the journey, that very weakness could become your new strength. 

Thank you all so much for spending this Friday with us. I know the current time in our world right now is a bit unusual, but I hope we were able to brighten your day with motivation and love for the art of dance. Have a great weekend, everyone, and remember… 

Whatever you accept with positivity comes to a lot easier, but whatever you despise with negativity is harder to attain. 

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