The recital is in the air, it’s a chance to see your dancer take the stage and show off their moves and progress. You get to see them all costumed, and up close and personal on stage rather than through the window at the studio! The recital is often the talking point and highlight of a dancer’s studio experience. Though some may get some built-up nerves at first while dancing for an audience, participation in an annual recital is a wonderful and much-needed opportunity. We have put a list together of why It’s important that all dancers experience a Studio Showcase/Recital.  

  1. Recitals boost confidence:

Taking part in a recital/showcase or performance helps dancers improve their stage fright. It gives students a chance to showcase all their hard work. As dancers experience performing for an audience, they gain self-confidence. They can carry this with them in all aspects of school and life. 

  1. Recitals promote teamwork:

By working with their fellow dancers in a group piece they learn how to work well in a team and shine bright together. Teamwork is a basic skill necessary in all aspects of life. Recitals provide a wonderful opportunity for dancers to learn that anything one can do, a group can do even better! 

  1. Recitals provide goals:

The weeks/months spent preparing for a recital teach students how to work towards a common group goal or a single goal. During the preparation for the recital, the dancers will work on retention skills, rhythm, technique, and more. For students who have never performed before, recital introduces new terminology.  

  1. Recitals create memories:

Recital memories are lifelong memories! Recital performances provide dancers with the opportunity to share what they have been learning with friends and families. Costumes become treasured keepsakes. Meanwhile, recital pictures become the highlights of photo albums. For families, the recital is a time to celebrate their dancer’s achievements. 

Last word 

For dancers, the recital instills a passion for the art of dancing and performing. 

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