Agency or Doing it on your own

Agency vs Doing on your Own! 


Having an agent for a career in dance can be immensely beneficial. An agent acts as a go-between for the dancer and potential employers, making it easier to find work in the industry. They can also help with negotiating contracts and fees, as well as representing their clients in professional matters.  


Working with an agent or agency 

Having an agent can help dancers save time and resources. Agents can eliminate much of the legwork required to find jobs, allowing dancers to spend more time honing their craft. The extra help agents provide can be invaluable in helping a dancer build their careers. Your agent probably has a much bigger network of potential customers and jobs than you would. It helps to have someone who can deal with the paperwork or meetings, so you can put the necessary hours you would need for booking into your abilities and appearances. 


While working with an agent or agency you’ll find that sometimes having an agent isn’t always necessary or even beneficial for dancers, especially those just starting out. Agents typically take a percentage of their client’s earnings, which can be hard to swallow for dancers who haven’t quite established themselves in the industry yet. Additionally, agents may not be able to provide all the support and guidance needed as they are often dealing with multiple clients at once.  


At the end of the day, having an agent is a personal decision. It’s important to weigh the pros and cons before deciding if it’s right for you and your career. With careful consideration, having an agent can be a great way to further your dance career!  


Doing it on your own 


The advantage of being a self-booker is total control. But this control also comes with sole responsibility. You will keep all the money, but if you sweat aspects of the business, your show numbers may be low, and you will have to network even more for yourself.  

When you work without an agent, it is also easier to experiment with the price of your shows as you can change it on the fly to cope with the customer’s situation, while knowing the pay is going directly to you is a wonderful positive.  


In summary, whether or not you decide to have an agent for your dance career is a decision that should be made carefully. Having an agent can help build a career in the industry more quickly and easily, but it also requires giving up part of one’s earnings and relinquishing some control over decisions. It is important to weigh all these factors. 

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