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Dance is an art form that allows people to express themselves and their emotions through movement. It can be incredibly powerful, allowing for a visual representation of emotion and creating strong connections between the performer and the audience. Dance can also be used to communicate a story or a message that would otherwise be difficult to convey through words alone.  


A dance career is an exciting path to pursue. It offers an opportunity to explore creative expression and hone skills in technique, style, choreography, and performance. With a dance career, you can have the chance to perform in front of an audience or teach others how to express themselves through movement.  


No matter which avenue you choose, the key to success in a dance career is dedication. You must be willing to put in the hours of practice and work hard to perfect your skills. You can achieve great success in this field with proper training and guidance. 


If you have ever wondered what the future holds for your new dancer, seasoned dancer, or graduating dancer then let’s dive in and explore dance careers you should know about. 



Stage and Theme Park Performer 


  • Theme Park Performer (Disneyland/World, Universal Studios, Lego Land etc.): 

Theme parks put on multiple shows a day and need dancers of all shapes, colors, and sizes to fill all the different roles, from dancers to portraying a character we have seen in a movie once or twice.  

  • Cruise Ship Show Performer: 

Working on a cruise line has its own benefits, like traveling around the world rent-free and doing the very thing you love to do, DANCE! You perform stage shows sometimes in front of a huge audience and get treated like a star whilst walking around the ship! 

  • Broadway On and Off: 

Who wouldn’t want to see their name in the big lights? Staying on the right track and getting comfortable with Jazz and musical theater, plays, singing, and overall big performances. You too can find yourself on the big stage with Shows such as Lion King, Wicked, Hairspray, West Side Story, In The Heights, and much more! 

  • Local Theater: 

Being part of your cities/town’s local theater is also a wonderful opportunity to be part of. You get to hit the big stage and do what you love to dance and perform for a live audience 

  • Cirque du Soleil: 

Cirque du Soleil is not just for overly flexible dancers, there are performers that are there to dance and add another element to the show! Go ahead and dust off those Acro and Tumbling skills and put them to go use in a show that will utilize them.  


Company and Crews 


  • Company and Crew: 

There is a Company and or Crew that is geared to your specific style of dance, whether that be a Contemporary Company, Hip-Hop/ Breaking Crew, Tap Company, Ballet, and so on. You will get the opportunity to perform either on a big stage, Outside Grass Events, or Local events. There are opportunities to join a more famously known company or crew to perform in bigger spaces.  


  • Start your own Company: 

      If you aren’t finding the company that best suits you and your style and needs, you always have the choice to make your own.    


Industry Performers / Backup Dancers 


  • Commercial: 

Dance and Arts are becoming wildly useful in movies, tv shows, and commercials. Think about we just had a Pepsi commercial air which was loaded with lots of dancers! 


  • Corporate:  

       Every so often a big business will most likely have annual parties that they may want            

       performers for small little guest engagements.  


  • Contract Dance Work: 

This is geared toward those types of dancers who maybe what dance to be more fun and still want to pursue other careers outside of dance. This is also an easy way to network. Contract Dance Work could in Dance Convention Assistant or Teacher.  



Dance Team /Cheer Performers 



  • NFL / NBA / Sports Dance and Hype Squad Teams: 

       NBA and the NFL sports teams amongst others around the world, hire dancers to provide entertainment during timeouts, halftime, etc.. and to help pump up the home crowd and create an electric and charged atmosphere during a game to help encourage their team to win. 

  • College Dance Teams: 

Dance and cheer teams from around the country came together to compete in one of the most prestigious collegiate championships - UDA College Nationals. Some cheer teams also require their dancers to attend fitness training. 




A Choreographer is a person who creates sequences of moves, steps, or routines for the dancers and artist. A choreographer might create routines by teaching dance lessons, for a musical theatre production or a music video or they might be employed to create a specific piece of movement for an advertisement.  




  • Freeland Dance Studio Teacher: 

freelance dance teacher teaches dance for others rather than being tied down to their own studio. They can create choreography for competitions, studio content, and so on. 


  • High School / College Dancer Teacher or Professor  

To be a dance teacher in a high school means taking on formal education and getting a degree or teaching certificate that majors in both Education and Dance. The role can entail many out-of-hour rehearsals for school shows, recitals, or dance team competitions or events.  

  • Competition Convention Teacher: 

A competition convention teacher/judge is normally a person who has done some dance work here and there and is now looking for a teaching opportunity at lesser-known and more-known competitions and convention companies. This can normally aid in getting other opportunities such as Taila Favia Choreographing for So You Think You Can Dance, or Parris Goebel being the main Choreographer for Rihanna. 




  • Studio Owner  

Today the role of a dance studio owner also sometimes known as the artistic director might mean more than one thing. The studio owner, who is responsible for the day-to-day operations of the dance studio, may take on many roles and responsibilities. They may be a dance teacher, choreographer, studio marketer, receptionist, cleaners, costume makers, or any combination of these roles. Depending on the size of the studio and its specific needs.  


No matter which way you are leaning toward, just know that in your ever-growing and changing dance career, it will be a lot of hard but rewarding work and dedication that goes into getting where you want to be. Starting with the right classes and a positive and patient mindset! 

Thank you kindly for talking with us today and remember, encouragement and commitment is the first step in getting yourself and your dancer closer to their/your dreams.  

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