Helpful Tips for Parent of Preschool Dancers

Helpful Tips for Parents of Preschool Dancers 


We are so excited to have you and your dancer to be part of the StuDance Lab Dance family! 

As our name suggests we put our STUDENTS first. 


Whether you have just joined or are returning to the studio please read through these tips below as we are sure they will help you to have a successful transition for your dancer and for yourself.  


Before Class and Preparation: 


Use the restroom.  

If your child has not already used the restroom before coming to dance, please make sure they uses one of the 2 restrooms we have before class. It is very distracting if your child needs to go to the restroom during class and we want them to learn and have as much fun as possible during class. 

If they do however need to use the restroom we will call you from the lobby and have you take your child to the restroom and return to class once finished. 


Be prepared!  

At The Studance Lab we do require NON-TIE ballet shoes. This helps our dancers and teachers not have to stop class to tie shoes. If we have not already purchased our non-tie ballet shoes at the front desk please be sure to do so or your dancer may dance barefoot. 

              Please make sure your child has the correct dance shoes and clothing which you can find out what our other requirements are for our Dress Code online or at the front desk.  

     All items are available in our studio to purchase.  


Build excitement! 

Before classes start or even on your way to class, we find it helpful to explain to your child that they will have lots of fun, meet new friends, see “old” friends and learn a few things! 

Remind them that you will be right outside the door and are watching them during the class. 

               Remind them of the class rules as they should always listen to their teachers and the class TA(s). 


Get ready for class! 

The timing of your arrival directly affects how well your child will handle class. Please do not arrive too early, or too late! We ask that first-time dancers or those affected by separation come at least 30 minutes before class so they finish getting ready if needed, you build up the excitement, go over classroom rules and remind them you will be sitting right outside the class.  

               Parents are welcome to lounge in the viewing areas and lobby. Each class has a view window for our parents and families to watch their dancers during classes. So make sure you come with some coffee or tea and relax. 


During Class: 


Allow the teachers to teach.  

Here at the StuDance Lab, we have excellent, well-trained, and experienced faculty members who are thrilled to teach your dancer. Please give them respect by not walking into the class if you notice your child is having a hard time. In class your dancer will be taught more than just dance, your child will soon learn how to listen to the teacher, find their spot, get in line, and wait their turn.  

              We know that this is a learning process for your child and that all children develop differently. It does not bother us if your child is having a harder time that day. We do need your support and understanding that we will bring your child out to you if and when we deem it appropriate. 


Relax and make friends! 

While you relax and observe, we encourage you to meet the other parents that are in your child’s class. You have some time to yourself (finally) so take advantage of it and don’t worry about your child in class.  

Don’t worry if you can’t see your child the entire time. Parents will have the opportunity to watch the end of class at certain points in the year.  


The class has ended: 


After Class:  

If your dancer has another class please be sure they are ready for that class.  

Once your dancer has successfully finished their class(es) it is always important to ask them how they felt how in class, did they have fun, and remind your child that you are proud of them! Even if your child didn’t have a “great” class, they will learn how to follow along and then have fun. Some students take longer than others but please trust the process and don’t give up! Tell them how excited you are to bring them back next week. 


               Remember we are here with you during this process. We are so excited to share the love of the arts with your child and can’t wait to start this journey together!!  

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