Mental Blocks and how to overcome them

Do you ever have those moments where the dance moves dont seem to click for you? Do you feel this overwhelming sense of frustration as if you cant perform the skill? That is known as a mental block; a psychological obstacle preventing you from executing a skill. Take a deep breath, this is normal to experience, especially in times of high stress. Sometimes as dancers, we can be our own worst critics which cause us to overthink choreography and even basic skills. In times like these its very important to remind yourself of the following: 


  •        Acknowledge What Youre Feeling:

When you experience a mental block, youll want to push through it because as dancers were taught to push through adversity. 

  •        Erase I can’t” from your vocabulary:

You have to speak with confidence and positivity over yourself! If you keep telling yourself you cannot do something, youre going to believe that. Every great dancer has to start from somewhere, so just continue to work hard towards those skills. 

  •        Its Okay to Make Mistakes

Bravery is about making mistakes and learning the lessons 

Remember things dont just happen, there are learning curves that happen before we achieve what we want. If you are going to mess up something just learn from it and apply corrections.  


  •        I’ve Got This:

Nine times out of 10 youre just overthinking the steps or not allowing your brain time to process the new material. Remember that practice makes perfect!

  •        Ask for Guidance:

Your instructors arent just there to give you endless workouts and combinations, they are there to help guide and mentor you as well! When you experience mental blocks dont be afraid to speak up and ask for help, your instructor will be more than happy to help you overcome this battle. 


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