What to wear at Auditions

What to wear at Auditions:

Whether you’re gearing up for a summer intensive audition or hoping to land a spot in a company, what you wear can help you feel confident, comfortable, and ready to concentrate on your dancing. What you wear is extremely important for all dance auditions just as in regular life. What you wear is the first thing people notice about you and tend to judge and try to “figure you out” on. You want to wear something that is like the style of the job you are auditioning for and something that makes you feel confident and you.

So how exactly do you go about finding an audition outfit that’s also right and confidence-boosting?


Do Your Research

Before you start combing through your wardrobe, get a thorough understanding of who you’re auditioning for. Begin by reading up on the casting details, because if they list things like ‘bring heels’ or ‘wear formfitting clothing,’ you want to start with those details and build from there. If you are auditioning for a known production/show/stage performance, be sure to look up the show, company, or creative team to see what their tendencies are.


Plan for the Unexpected

It’s always better to be overprepared than to be thrown off by a last-minute switch-up or an outfit malfunction. Bring multiple looks, hair products, a little bit of makeup, and every type of shoe imaginable, because you never know what they’re going to throw at you.


Keep It Consistent

As for callbacks, you should generally wear the same thing. If the same outfit is clean and ready, return in that or something like that, that way the artistic director and team to be able to find you quickly.  If it’s a more intimate setting, like an invited call that’s under 10 people, then you can kind of test the limits from there.

The Big Picture

The main goal is to be yourself and share what you have and who you are. Your audition style is very much a personal choice.  Listen to your instincts and ask mentors or company and cast members if you have access to them on what to wear. You never know who’s been around or in the show with the creative team you are auditioning for.  

What you wear also shouldn’t take away from the real focus is your dancing.

It may be helpful to maybe try your outfit in class or rehearsal to see how you feel, and text a quick picture to a friend or family member to get a second opinion.


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