How to improve as a Dancer

How to improve as a Dancer 

1. Get inspired 

The key to being a good dancer or better dancer is wanting to be a good dancer!  

Remind yourself why you dance in the first place. This “why” is going to keep you going in the times you feel defeated or lazy. 

Feed your soul, imagination, and inspiration by watching dance videos. Do not watch videos of other for the purpose of comparison from yourself to them, let it feed your inspiration and drive to be as good as you want to be! 

2. Warm up and stretch 

Plain and simple, before you start dancing, you need to make sure your body is ready for it! Because trying to dance when your body’s cold and stiff is no fun. Getting injured and having to sit out is not a fun way to spend time in a dance class.  

3. Study Music 

Whether it’s a group dance, trio, duo, or solo you need to train your mind and your body. Training your body is just one part of becoming a good dancer. Studying music will give you a much, MUCH better understanding of how to dance to it. Dance is, after all, your body becoming a physical representation of the way that music sounds.  

Be the music that moves you! 

4. Learn basics and grooves and play with them  

Play with the basic moves and grooves from whichever style you are interested in and focus on the foundation. Play with how the grooves ‍sound with the music or the back beats etc.  

5. Take more than one style of dance class 

Learning different ‍styles make you a more rounded dancer and you are able to use those grooves and moves in all styles, Contemporary and Hip-Hop or Jazz and Hip-Hop. Most styles can have several tie-ins to each other.  

6. Train technique and execution 

Techniques and foundation are the ABCs, and 123s of all movements. Drilling techniques will ingrain that movement into your muscle memory, so you can just do those without thinking. 

For example, doing Jazz will help you train in adding your own style, and flavor to your dances. 

Learning Hip-Hop or House steps will make you more comfortable with your footwork.  

Ballet is training, pretty much every part of your body. 

7. Learn to move with feeling 

Executing movement, the way you want has a lot of different parts.  

There are the technical parts (which you’ll master through learning the basics of a dance style and taking lots of classes) and the artistic parts (which you’ll learn by connecting to the music and finding ways to convey the feeling of a sound). To do this, you’ll need to learn all about texture, which is how dancers describe how sounds feel

8. Explore through freestyle dancing 

Freestyling is a great way to play with the shapes of your movement, and the sounds of the music.


9. Create choreography 

Making choreography is a great way to challenge yourself as a dancer. Get with a friend or do it by yourself. 

10. Stay growth-minded 

Don’t stick yourself into the role of one “type” of dancer. Let yourself explore all different kinds of dance, let yourself fail, and let yourself keep striving for growth. 

11. Take care of your body! 

If you take care of your body, your body will take care of you! A healthy, nourished, hydrated body will perform much better than a weak, stiff, dehydrated one in any dance setting. 

Be a good dancer by keeping your body in optimal, dance-ready condition. 

12. Watch your friends! 

Watching your friends is a great way to find inspiration and growth. It is an invaluable way to propel your own dancing skills forward. By observing their technique and styles, you can identify what elements you may need to work on in order to improve your skills.   

Watching how they hit something and trying it out or trying something different! Hear the corrections they get and you apply them to your dancing when it’s your turn in groups! You may even find yourself adopting motions that you initially thought might be unattractive, only to discover after practicing them, that they improve your dancing dramatically.  

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