Competitive and Recreational Dancer

What is a Competitive Dancer?

A competitive dancer is a dancer who has committed to training and competing at a level of excellence.

They will usually attend several competitions throughout the year competing in troupes, duos, and solos.

Most competitive dancers train for more hours than others at their studios, taking mandatory technique classes in several disciplines such as ballet, turns and leaps, jazz, acrobatics, or lyrical. On top of this, they attend lessons that are necessary to learn and rehearse for their dance competitions.

Dancers who identify themselves as a competitive dancer will frequently travel both regionally and nationally to compete and participate in dance conventions and other events. 

This means they do not have time to commit to outside sports and activities and many studios request that students on their competitive team forgo other extracurricular activities to ensure commitment and focus to dance.

Competitive dancers are usually part of a team or studio company, and many are required to sign a contract that confirms their commitment to both the fees and training required to perform at an elite level. Competitive dancers are dedicated via the contract to exclusive training at the desired studio.

What is a Non-Competitive Dancer and Recreational Dancer? #

These types of dancers non-competitive and recreational dancer is a dancer who chooses to not compete who train less and only perform at annual recitals or other in-studio events. 

These dancers typically take fewer classes and do not need to sign contracts which means they can participate in other sports or activities.

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