5 Superpowers Dancers have: 

Dancing is often seen as a form of self-expression, but few people realize that it can also be an incredible source of physical and mental power. From increased balance to improved coordination and even heightened emotional intelligence, dancers have access to a number of special superpowers that can help them in everyday life. Here are five amazing superpowers that dancers possess.  

1. Speed and agility: The superpower that lets us keep turning, leaping, and using those quick steps you’d see in Ballet, Hip-Hop, or Jazz! 

2. Super Strength: 

We don’t just lift people above our heads—we do so in the most graceful way. 

At times you might be asked to lift another human body or sometimes even a prop in the middle of a routine! I mean the Hulk is quaking! 

3. Super Versatility: Hello shapeshifter! We go from genre to genre; we can go from upbeat Hip-Hop to angsty lyrical or contemporary pieces.   

4. Super Mind Control ( storyteller ): Dancers must use their emotional intelligence to portray a story, character, or feeling through movement and music! 

5. Super Replication: Often times you are asked to dance as a group and are meant to look like one, while you cannot physically clone yourself, you must try to be the same as your teammates. 

These are just five of the many superpowers that dancers possess. Whether you’re a professional dancer or just getting started in the world of dance, you can tap into these powers and use them to your advantage. So get out there and show the world what you can do!  

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