Adding Acro or Tumbling to your schedule

As a dancer, taking an acro or tumbling class is an invaluable way to improve your skillset and open new opportunities for yourself.

Learning acro or tumbling can help you become a stronger and more versatile dancer, which can lead to better roles in shows, better performance opportunities, and better choreography. When you take Acro or tumbling classes, you will learn how to do flips, jumps, rotations, and other skills. You will also learn the proper technique for each skill and how to progress safely and efficiently so that you can avoid injury. With the help of a skilled teacher, you can learn how to use these skills in your own dance pieces.  


Acro and tumbling classes are also a great way to develop strength and flexibility. You will learn how to use your body in new and more powerful ways, allowing you to move with more grace and control. As you practice these skills, you will be able to add new elements to your dance routines and explore new directions in your choreography. 


Finally, acro and tumbling classes can help you build confidence and poise. They will teach you how to take risks and push yourself out of your comfort zone. With practice, you will learn how to have greater control over your body and be able to execute movements with more precision. This will help you to feel more comfortable and confident when performing in front of an audience. 


Whether you are just beginning your dance journey or are an experienced performer, taking acro or tumbling classes can help you become a better and more versatile dancer. With the right instruction and practice, you can reach new heights in your art and open up a world of possibilities for yourself. So don’t be afraid to try something new—take the leap and start learning acro or tumbling today!  

 Best of luck and have fun!  

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