Company Auditions what to expect

Company Auditions: 

 Auditions are just around the corner, you may have a few questions, or maybe this is your dancer’s and your first-time auditioning, ever or first time auditioning at The Studance Lab. We wanted to take a second to hopefully take the stress and wondering out of the audition process for you.  

Numerous dance studios offer their dancers the chance to participate in dance competitions. 

A requirement at most studios to be on the dance competition or company team is to attend a tryout or audition for team selections. Below are some audition details for you to read to help you get a better idea of what to expect at a Studance Lab Company Audition. We thank you for your support to your dancer and the Studance Lab Studio.  


What to expect? 


You should expect the company auditions to be set up like an actual audition. You will have your panel of judges or teachers watching and writing notes as the assistant or choreographer teaches the dancers a short routine. The dancers will need to memorize and then perform the number in groups or even a solo (If asked to). 


Your dancer will be watched to see how they handle the fast pace learning and how quickly they can remember and retain the choreography. Your dancer will be judged on their execution of the movement and the quality of their performance.  

The most hardworking and committed students are invited to be part of a competition team. 


What Happens at Audition? 

Your dancer should be prepared to spend a couple of hours at the studio for auditions. They should arrive 15-20 minutes before the audition time, to stretch and get mentally prepared. It is always better to be early than late. Your dancer will be given a number to wear while auditioning. Groups are brought into the room based on age, normally starting with the younger dancers first. This allows the traffic to keep flowing at the studio low and help to avoid distractions. 

We treat our auditions just the same as real-world dance auditions, and to get rid of any extra stress we ask that our parents wait outside in the car or drop off your dancer. Most dance parents stay through the entire process, watching or waiting with other parents in the lobby or in their vehicles. 


What Happens in the Audition Room? 



When your dancers’ group is called to the audition room they should walk quickly and quietly to find a place they are comfortable with and can they are able to be seen and, see the choreographer.  

Your dancer will either come to the audition already knowing the choreography from the videos sent out ahead of time or they will learn the audition choreography in the room itself. They will perform it and then will be asked to go across the floor and show off their special skills and technique.  



PART 2: Choreography Continued…… 

At The Studance Lab, we like our dancers to be as ‘style’ versed as possible. We have two separate opportunities for our dancers to partake in as much of the company experience as they would like. We offer our dancers to either be focused in their Stage Style Company; Contemporary, Jazz, or Modern. Street Style Companies such as Breaking and or HipHop. Those wishing to do both company styles will learn both sets of choreography whether that be previously learned or first learned in the audition room, then perform it at the audition.  


Part 3: Auditions 

It’s audition time, your dancer will be placed and perform in a numerical order group, which we typically have up to 5 or 6 dancers per group performing at the same time. The panel of judges will be in attendance the entire time during the learning process and the performance itself.  


Let the music play! 


Your dancer will perform the audition number(s) at least twice, once in the either front or back line and then again in whichever line you have not already gone in, to then perform again. After each group has gone the judge’s panel will either select a specific group of dancers to see how they dance together for possible company selections or company specialty dances such as; solos, duos, trios, or small groups. Here at The Studance Lab, we believe in self-creativity and will often ask all dancers auditioning to improv in their favorite style to see how they think on their feet, how they move compared to another dancer, or how alike one, two, or more dancers’ dance.  



Once each group has auditioned, the teachers will line the dancers up to perform or showcase individual skills such as leaps, turns, or acrobatics. Reminder For the duration of the audition, your dancer needs to maintain dancer’s etiquette by staying quiet, attentive, and alert for any instructions or if their name/number is called. After each audition round, the dancers are to end each performance or skill facing the front toward the judges and alert. 



When the panel is satisfied with the performances and has taken their notes the groups are asked to leave the room and return to the warmup studio. During this time the judge’s panel will deliberate and discuss notes, dancer placements, and individual dancer or company goals. It is important for the dancers to stay available and warmed up in the warmup/waiting room, just in case they are called back into the studio to dance again. 



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