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There’s Levels to This Dance Thing…


Levels is the #1 online dance platform created to educate dance teachers and to assist dancers with their at-home training. Improve your skills, get help with moves or get a workout in at a pace that works for you.

With a rise in popularity of Breakin and Hip Hop all over the world there is now a huge demand to offer these styles at your studios. Whether you’re trying to learn a fun new skill or preparing to teach a fantastic class, you have found a true partner and coach on your journey.

Levels has linked with top industry professionals who are influential educators in their field of expertise. With over 150+ combined years of teaching, these educators are responsible for training A-List celebrities, Olympic athletes, and now they are here to teach you.

Our safe and progressive curriculum will help you learn fundamental techniques so you can build confidence, set yourself apart from the competition, and make you more hirable.

Download your favorite tutorials to access anytime or follow our week-to-week progressive program to gain full mastery in Breakin and Hip Hop. Join our global community and gain access to over 200+ unique tutorials on your iphone, ipad, or smart TV. New lessons added every week!

Our Membership options include access to all available videos. Our Academy options include access to videos, as well correlating class curriculum cards and manuals.

Included in Every Membership:

– On-demand content: classes and series

– Access to web, mobile and TV apps

– Feedback Portal to wish for content

– Knowledge Drops and history lessons

– Skills and technique tutorials

– Proper progressions to reduce the possibility of injury

– Drills to train and develop skills and techniques

– Choreo for classes and practical applications

– Warm Ups for injury preventions

– Strength and conditioning for body development

More Facts:

– Hundreds of On-Demand Videos

– World-class instructors

– Fast Full HD streaming

– Offline streaming

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