7 Mistake you could be making

7 Mistakes you might be making that are slowing down your dance progress! 


It is no secret that dance classes can be an incredibly effective way to improve your dancing skills. But, if you’re not careful, there are certain mistakes that can slow down or even halt your progress. Here are seven common mistakes made in dance classes that could be slowing down your progress:  


  1. Not paying attention – It is important to stay focused and pay attention during class so you don’t miss any of the instructions from the teacher. If you find yourself getting distracted or zoning out, try actively engaging with what is being taught by asking questions and participating when appropriate.  


  1. Relying too heavily on memorization – Memorizing steps and patterns may seem like an easy way to learn choreography quickly, but it isn’t necessarily a good long-term strategy for improving as a dancer since it doesn’t help build muscle memory or teach proper technique. Instead of just trying to remember moves, focus on understanding how each step works within the larger context of the routine so you can apply it more effectively later on.  


  1. Focusing too much on perfection – Perfectionism can be paralyzing when it comes to learning new steps in dance class; instead of focusing on hitting every move perfectly right away, strive to be precise and intentional with your movement. Give yourself time to make mistakes as you practice, and focus on the progress that you are making rather than trying to hit each step perfectly from the start.  


  1. Not asking questions – An effective way to learn more about dance steps is by asking questions in class; don’t be afraid to speak up if you don’t understand something or need more clarification. Asking questions shows that you are eager to learn and can help ensure that you have a better understanding of the choreography.  


  1. Not practicing outside of class – To really see progress in your dancing skills, it is important to practice between classes; if you can’t make it to a studio, try practicing at home with YouTube tutorials or by recording your own steps. The more you practice, the easier it will become for you to execute each step with confidence and precision.  


  1. Not enough classes- Having more than one class on your schedule could be the reason your dance progress is suffering! Let’s think about it, you want to be able to do turns right, so you can add some sort of technique to your dance, well it is hard to attain that goal if weren’t taking a Ballet Class, the foundation of Dance! In this class, we find our correct body placement and build the muscles and strength to stand on one leg. You certainly will have trouble with turns if we are not in Jazz or Turns and Leaps Technique class where we actively practice these moves and try to improve them through repetition and adding them into the dance that we are learning that day. Each class is designed on its own, to help improve your skills and new skills whether you are going across the floor or applying them to an actual dance.  


  1. Not Going Full Out- It is important to always go full out in your dance classes and rehearsals as it helps you build strength, endurance and confidence in your skills. Going all out will also help you learn the choreography faster and with greater accuracy. Additionally, going full out shows respect for yourself, your instructors and fellow dancers by demonstrating that you are taking the class seriously. Finally, pushing yourself to give it everything you have during classes will improve both your technique and performance level when performing on stage or at competitions. So don’t be afraid to give it your all – your hard work will pay off! 


Avoiding these mistakes in dance class can help you improve much faster as a dancer, so be sure to keep them in mind next time you hit the studio! Good luck! 

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