Time Management

Time Management 

As dancers, we often have a million things going on at once. Not only do we have to juggle our dance schedules, but we must also maintain good grades, social lives, and jobs. If a dancer does not have an effective plan for handling all these responsibilities, they can quickly become overwhelmed and burnt out! 

The demands of this busy life can easily exhaust you and make it hard to care for yourself. Although it can be challenging to handle everything on your plate and still find time to dance, it can be done. 

Do you want to know how to improve your time management skills? Below are some essential time management skills and strategies for dancers. 


Get Organized and Set Priorities 

This may require you to make sacrifices, but it will be worth it in the long run. As a dance student, you will have a lot going on between classes, rehearsals, performances, school, and social life. 

First, get yourself a planner or calendar of some kind. This is a helpful way to get an idea of what your month and months ahead might look like for your dancer and their classes and any performance or any after-school activities. At The Studance LAB, we have all our Company Members and Company Parents join our digital Calendar via the Band App. 



Making a realistic and attainable goals list is an easy way to keep yourself on track toward the things you’d like to accomplish. Start your list by putting your goals in order of what is most urgent, and what is needed to be done first. As you start to check things off your list, you’ll get a spark of joy and a sense of achievement! It can be very rewarding to check things off your list and see the progress you are making toward your goals.  


Take Advantage of Every Moment 

Every moment counts! Look at your schedule to find your window of opportunity. These breaks or windows are the moments you’ll need to catch up on homework or text messages or school projects. These windows of opportunities can be found during the hours between rehearsals, between classes, and between competition performances.  


Learning When and How to Say No 

You only have so many hours in a week, so it is important to prioritize your time. If you already have three rehearsals each week and an opportunity presents itself to add another, ask yourself honestly if saying yes is a good idea and if it’s the smartest thing for you to do with your already full schedule. This is one of the most important time management tips to remember as a dancer. 

It is not rude, wrong, or bad of you to say no to an opportunity. Taking on too much can take a toll on your overall well-being, especially your physical and mental health. Sometimes it can be challenging to say no to an opportunity,   but you should consider your well-being and goals before you say yes to anything. Do not make time for everybody else and forget about yourself. You need time to unwind and practice self-care. 

Schedule Down Time 

Although we rarely consider making time to relax and just be! Your personal downtime is an important part of time management. As previously stated, you should schedule time for yourself each week. It will keep your spirits lifted, and balanced, it will reset your energy and physical and mental state of being.   

You will be able to enjoy your week even more when you take care of yourself first. If you care for yourself outside of the dance studio, you will be able to perform and focus better when you are in the studio and performances.  

If you are not sure what self-care looks like, here are some examples of common self-care practices, and be sure to check out our Self Care Blog. 

  • Resting 
  • Reading 
  • Journaling 
  • Stretching/yoga 
  • Meditation 
  • Going outside 
  • Enjoying your favorite foods or drinks 

Dance is not your whole life; it can be easy to spend all your time training and forget about the people who love you and whom you love being around.  

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