Is your Tiny Dancer ready for their First Dance Class? 


Are you wondering if your Tiny Dancer is ready for their first dance class? Here are a few things to look for to help you decide. First, consider your child’s age and development stage. If they are generally shy or not yet comfortable with strangers, it might be best to wait a bit longer before enrolling them in dance classes. But if they are outgoing and love music, they may be ready to start learning some basic dance steps! Here are a few more things to keep in mind as you decide whether now is the right time to start dancing:  


– Is your child always on the move and able to groove along with music?  

– Can your child handle being apart from you for a little while?  

– Their willingness to follow directions and take turns- Can they listen and do what the teacher says? Can they share attention from the teacher? 


If you think your child is ready for their first dance class, read on for some tips on choosing the right program! 


Are they always dancing to music? 

If your little dancer is bopping around to music, do they like to clap and sing with the music? Do they have a favorite song that makes their knees bounce and hips swivel? If so, there’s a good chance they are ready to start their dance journey. After all, dancing is all about expressing oneself through music and movement. When selecting a dance class for your child, it is important to look for one that caters to the age range and skill level of your Tiny Dancer. Our studio offers a week of trial classes. 


Are they ok with spending a little time apart? 

If they’re comfortable spending short periods of time away from mom or dad. 

As children grow and learn to be independent, separation anxiety can be common with our still-growing ones, which is totally NORMAL. Encouraging kids to spend short amounts of time away from mom and dad can go a long way in helping them build confidence as they explore new things outside of their home. If your child has ever been to preschool or something of that, they will most likely be comfortable being apart for a quick dance class. If we are still a little hesitant to gain our independence, try encouraging them with a fun activity at home that provides independence and adventure. We recommend talking to your child first and seeing how they feel when you explain that dance class is something they get to do by themselves. 

In the first couple of classes, if they hold on to you for dear life and just can’t hold back the tears and screams, they might need some more time before starting dance. It’s totally okay! If they are a little apprehensive but enter class with a little extra encouragement, they are ready! We will help them break out of their shell! 


Can they follow verbal instructions…… sometimes? 


This is very important for our little ones! Dance class is a fun and great way to learn some cool and big moves, but it also is a place where we need and will continue to learn how to follow directions and focus in a new environment around other still-growing children. Our classes are often filled with tons of verbal, physical, and visual cues that the dancers will need to follow. For some toddlers, that’s an easy task; for others, it can take some practice and assistance. If they can follow directions at least half the time… they are most likely ready to join in on the fun!  


Are they able to repeat simple movements and practice taking turns? 


We wanted to add this point to the list.  

Every child is different, meaning their auditory and visual learning don’t always develop at the same time. If your child has a hard time following verbal instructions but can easily copy motions you do with your body, they will likely thrive as well. Most of our classes for the tiny ones are follow-the-leader style, so being good at this skill means they are well-prepared! 


What are you waiting for? Get registered today and start your free trial class. We can’t wait to see the joy in your child’s eyes when they experience their first dance class with us. Giving your kids activities that they grow to love is SO important and we feel honored that you’re considering us to be a part of that growth process. 

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