How Instagram can help you


Things That Will Help You Get #BOOKED

  1. Your bio needs to be informative, clear, and concise. 

Your bio should have your name, your credits, the easiest way to contact you or your agency (if you have representation). In your featured link, put your Youtube page or a dance reel!


  1. Share who you are INSIDE the studio. 

This is maybe the most obvious box to check, but it might also be the most important. Post dance videos, dance videos, and dance videos. 


  1. Share who you are OUTSIDE the studio. 

Believe it or not, dance isn’t everything. In fact… Your talent is only a tiny part of booking the job. People want to work with people that they energetically enjoy and they like to have around and they trust. It could be through lifestyle shots. It can be a new piece you bought and wore to class. It can even be you in a coffee shop with a friend–it doesn’t have to be that deep!” 

  1. Show your style. 

Does what you’re wearing in your photos reflect your personality? Your hair, your makeup, your clothes–what vibe are you giving off to your audience? Dancers get so overwhelmed with which picture to post. Sometimes you need more than one style of you on your page. Just post the most polished version of you that is still genuine to who you are.



  1. Your top 9 boxes are so important. 

If a casting director is visiting your page and they don’t see what they need, don’t expect them to scroll. You should have versatility in your videos, and you should have versatility in the pictures that you present in those nine little squares.”

  1. Utilize Instagram’s highlight tools. 

Instagram is taking steps forward to make it easy for you to show the world exactly what you want to see. You now have the ability to pin posts to the top of your feed. You can organize story highlights that show your class footage, your headshots, your lifestyle images, or whatever you want!

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